GTA 5 for PS5 and XSX |  S is "the best release yet, but it could have been better."  Specialists checked the game

GTA 5 hit the third generation of consoles, so we can check out an interesting production test, where Digital Foundry focuses on the most important changes made by the developers. The developers have taken care of some significant improvements to the game.

Specialists from Great Britain assure that you will receive some changes at the beginning of the game, because now GTA 5 loads in about 20 seconds (from the menu to the story mode), and previously it took more than 2 minutes.

On the new consoles, GTA 5 offers three modes: Resolution at 4K30, Performance at 1440p60, and RT Performance at 1440p60. Fans of the series will immediately notice the difference because of For the first time on consoles, you can play Grand Theft Auto 5 at 60 frames per second, which significantly reduces tiring input lag.

Rockstar even refined 60fps compared to PC, because on PC the character animation didn’t work as expected, and in new consoles we get an improved 60fps … although it can still be Better – “The texture effects still work at a lower frame rate, like any other random animation.”

The developers also took care of motion blur, which is now applied not to individual objects, but to the entire game – it significantly improves the experience. The production is also much nicer than the PS4, because this time a new spatial smoothing technology was used.

The authors have taken care of improving many elements, but still feel that this is only an improved version. The title also uses the capabilities of the DualSense controller, but it’s not a typical “game changer”, because you’ll find items on the market that provide a better experience.

“Technically, I think the new Grand Theft Auto 5 is the best version of the game – it’s a huge improvement over the PS4/Xbox One version and is much better than the PC game. This is due to aspects such as increased smoothness thanks to motion blur and improved cinematic scenes, as well as About the use of temporal smoothing, which eliminates many image quality issues.Yes, the visuals from the PC version are missing in the new version – but more importantly, apart from LOD from a distance, they are unnoticeable during the game.In the end, it seems It’s as if Rockstar tried really hard to deliver more – so don’t expect updates like Metro Exodus Enhanced Edition. When it comes to “next-gen” improvements, it’s a mandatory 60fps fix, a bit of RT, and some pretty cool improvements.”

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