February 9, 2023


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A kitchen sponge is the perfect place for bacteria

It is in every kitchen. Bacteria grow better there than in the lab

Experiments reveal an inconvenient truth: in almost every kitchen there is an object in which bacteria multiply faster than can be achieved in a laboratory environment.

A team of researchers at Duke University drew attention to kitchen sponges and their susceptibility to bacterial contamination. Unfortunately, scientists don’t have good news for us: a regular kitchen sponge is a better place for bacteria to grow than specially designed lab accessories. How is this possible?

According to researchers, it is responsible for the interactions between different strains of bacteria. Bacteria are like humans living in a pandemic. Some people find it difficult to isolate, but others thrive in such conditions, explains Professor K. Lingchong you.

A sponge is better than a petri dish

Sponges enhance these conditions, somewhat reminiscent of the structure of soil or the human intestine, with voids of various sizes. Thanks to this, according to the site Science Rocksthere are sites occupied by bacterial strains alone, but there are also sites found in close proximity to other strains.

A kitchen sponge is the perfect place for bacteria
Image source: © Pexels

A kitchen sponge is the perfect place for bacteria

Conditions vary in Petri dishes. They are agar plates used in the cultivation of various microorganisms. Research has shown that providing them with food and optimal lighting and temperature does not guarantee rapid growth of bacterial colonies.

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It is she who “owes” the modern kitchen. Tiny and…underdeveloped?

Why is it worth replacing the sponge?

A kitchen sponge works best in this case: some bacteria colonize more quickly when surrounded and interact with other strains.