Stwierdzono 128 zgonów z powodu COVID-19 (fot. Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images)

In Great Britain, less than 34.4 thousand people have been discovered in the past 24 hours. Corona virus infections, the lowest since last November 9, were reported, and 128 deaths due to COVID-19 were recorded, on Saturday.

Coronavirus – report from February 19, 2022. New data from the Ministry of Health

Corona virus in Poland. On Saturday, February 19, 2022, the Ministry of Health announced 20,902 new cases of coronavirus. the last …

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The previous case where the daily balance of detected infections was less than 40,000 was recorded on November 30, shortly after the first infections with the variant were identified in Great Britain Omicron. The total balance of infections in the past seven days was 317.2 thousand, a decrease of almost 25 percent. compared to the previous seven days.

at a similar pace The number of new deaths is declining due to COVID-19. The balance reported on Saturday is 39 less than last Saturday, and the total number of deaths in the past seven days is 989 which is 22.5 percent lower. than in the previous seven days.

The number of hospitalized patients due to COVID-19 is also declining – as of Thursday, there were 11.5 thousand, while at the height of the wave caused by the Omikron variant, it exceeded 20 thousand.

Since the beginning of the epidemic, the United Kingdom has almost been detected 18.6 million injuries which killed 160,507 people.

The end of covid restrictions

Due to the improvement of the British situation on Monday Prime Minister Boris Johnson It will present the COVID-19 Life Plan for England, which is expected to announce the replacement of the isolation requirement for those infected with the recommendation. This means the latest Covid restrictions are lifted in England.

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