It is happening before our eyes.  Venus turns to Mars?

else Transcend the second planet from the sun It aroused a lot of emotion among the mission observers. The probe had to face wave of solar windthat was aimed at Venus. However, this created unusual conditions for observing a unique process that in a few billion years could turn the planet into an unrecognizable world.

Currently, she is very hostile. rule there Air temperature is able to melt leadkinda giant Atmospheric pressure crushes everythingWhat will reach its surface. If that’s not enough, then From the clouds of Venus it rains of sulfuric acidwhich certainly makes it outside the list of the most welcome planets in the solar system.

former Venus flights allowed It measures the length of its magnetic field, which is created by processes slightly different from the Earth’s magnetic field. It is created as a result of the interaction between gas in the atmosphere and the solar wind spans a distance 300,000 km in space.

no But it provides 100% protection for the planet Against harmful solar radiation. Accused Particles from the Sun collided with the upper layers of Venus’ gas crustBy getting rid of it contained carbon dioxide at 8 million kilometers per hour.

A similar process over billions of years has successively affected the shape of Mars today, giving hope for this The flower will also become softer in the future.

Lina Hadid, cosmic plasma physicist at the Ecole Polytechnique in ParisCalms feelings. There is so much carbon dioxide in Venus’s atmosphere – the molecule makes up more than 96% of the volume of Venus’s air – that the planet will become more life-friendly in the near future. – Comments to

Keep searching for this processin addition to comparing it with phenomena that occur on Earth, can provide scientists with valuable information that may be useful When searching for exoplanets, habitable. In front of the solar probe Five more passes left by Venus. This means more opportunities to study the discovered phenomenon.

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