"Panika jest bezzasadna, jesteśmy w pełni zabezpieczeni, mamy zabezpieczone dostawy ropy do Polski" - tak o sytuacji na rynku paliw w Polsce mówił w specjalnym wydaniu Rozmowy w RMF FM prezes PKN Orlen Daniel Obajtek. Wczoraj, po informacji o napaści Rosji na Ukrainę, przed stacjami benzynowymi pojawiały się kolejki samochodów. Część stacji podniosła ceny benzyny. "Od 6 lat bardzo mocno dywersyfikujemy dostawy do Polski, mamy stałe umowy, choćby z Arabią Saudyjską. Nasze rafinerie są w pełni zabezpieczone, by utrzymywały moce produkcyjne" - zapewniał gość Tomasza Terlikowskiego.

“The panic is unfounded, we are absolutely insured, we have secured oil supplies to Poland” – this is how the head of PKN Orlen, Daniil Obajtyk, spoke about the situation on the fuel market in Poland in a special number of interviews at RMF FM. Yesterday, after news came of Russia’s attack on Ukraine, queues of cars appeared in front of gas stations. Some stations raised petrol prices. “Over 6 years, we have diversified supplies to Poland, we have permanent contracts, for example with Saudi Arabia. Our refineries are fully insured to maintain production capacity” – emphasized the guest of Tomasz Terlikowski.

We are insured, and there are no threats of no fuel at the station – Daniel Obajtik confirmed. Panic sows on trolley farms, We have identified about a thousand emails in this regard, which we send to the Services – said PKN chief Orlen. This is an unnecessary panic, it portends a non-existent threat. There is no reason to store fuel for the future – Reassure Obagtec.

Tomasz Terlikowski asked his interlocutor about cards containing a message about the reduction of fuel sales that appear at gas stations. We have introduced restrictions on one tank of up to 50 liters – PKN chief Orlen admitted.

There was also a question about the fuel price hike since yesterday. Oil exceeded $ 100 a barrel yesterday, and we are settling in dollars, the dollar costs about 4.15 zlotys, so these prices rose by about 20-25 cents, but we still have the lowest prices in Europe. – Obajtech explained. We do our best to ensure that the prices in the market are perfect – added.

Not all Orlen-branded stations are owned by The Orlen Corporation. yesterday We quit the collaboration with an Orlen-branded station that wasn’t owned by Orlen, which led to a drastic increase in prices. Also today, we resigned from cooperation with 9 stations whose price is not suitable for the situation – Inform Obajtek.

We will not allow anyone to take advantage of this situation. If there are dishonest wholesalers or dishonest stations using our fuel, we will terminate their contracts as well. We will not allow the use of an artificially created mode – Guest announced Tomasz Terlikowski. There will be no shortage of fuel in Poland, provided that we do not get carried away by this panic, the actions of farm trollswhich has already been determined – PKN chief Orlen confirmed.

We believe that the situation will stabilize and that oil will return to its safe levels during these months – Daniel Obajtik said in the special edition of the talks on RMF FM. However, PKN Chairman Orlen expressed reservations that “no serious manager of any company can guarantee what will happen when the situation becomes inflamed.” But he stressed that “the situation today is safe, and I think panic is unnecessary and we will respond.”

Thomas Terlikowski also asked if Orlin was considering freezing fuel prices. It is not possible. We are a free market economy and no one will allow it Obajtek replied.

Orlen breaks contracts with price manipulation stations

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