Israel.  The first case of concurrent infection with COVID-19 with influenza virus

The first case was diagnosed in Israel Infection with coronavirus and influenza virus at the birth of the mother Local news service Ynetnews reported Thursday. infection COVID-19 The influenza virus is referred to as “Florona”.

A double infection was identified in a woman who gave birth at the Rabin Medical Center in the city of Petah Tikva in the Central District. According to hospital representatives, a young mother has not been vaccinated COVID-19 Nor the flu virus, he’s fine.

The Israeli Ministry of Health is investigating the case. The health service assumes that there must have been cases of double infection before, but it has not been detected.

There are more and more pregnant women infected with influenza virus. It’s definitely quite a challenge when a woman with a fever starts giving birth and it’s impossible to tell if it’s the coronavirus or the flu, so they’re treated the same way. Professor commented. Arnon Weniser, MD, chief of gynecology at Rabin Medical Center. The doctor added that the patient with the double infection did not suffer from severe symptoms of the disease.

Hospitals in Israel have reported 1,849 patients hospitalized with flu complications in recent weeks. Among them, 605 children and 124 pregnant women. The Israeli Ministry of Health recommends vaccination against influenza.

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