Beata Kozydrac on New Year's Eve Polsat.  Viewers do not leave a topic.  These are comments from the stage

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Beata Kozydrac appeared on stage inHappiness New Year’s Eve, that is … New Year’s Eve of happiness“Station polsat. Viewers soon split into two groups, but this underrated singer is dominating social media. She herself had no qualms about joining the galaxy of stars that appear in Pulsat. employment addition From the stage she turned to the spectators.

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Duda comments on the arrest of Beata Kozydrac

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Beata Kozydrac on New Year’s Eve Pulsat

Beata Kozydrac She gave everything the commentators focused on on stage. She was one of the few who did not sing with the run. After performing the first song, she thanked the audience:

I badly needed it – Kozydrac admitted from the theater.

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For years, Beata Kozydrac has performed at New Year’s Eve parties for various television stations, but this year is special for her. Two months ago, the singer heard a court ruling for drunk driving. Reason enough for many commentators not to give her time on the air, at least for a while.

This is the case with us. A big scandal, a few months disappear and we take the star out of the wardrobe again.

Beata Kozydrac should sing “We’re Going for a Walk”…

I wonder if she attended the party by car…

Beata Kozydrac, who was driving under the influence in 2021, is right on the podium. Bravo, Telewizja Polsat.

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Beata Kozydrac will be banned from driving at the end of October 2021, and she will be able to apply for a driver’s license within five years at the earliest. Moreover, she was sentenced to a six-month restriction of her freedom with the obligation to perform unpaid work for social purposes. He will also pay 10,000 zlotys to the Victims and Post-Prison Aid Fund.

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Wokalistka announced that it will use the right to appeal the ruling.

Remember, the reaction when you see someone drinking alcohol behind the wheel.

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