Limanowski District
Number of new infections: 3
Number of infected cases: 0
Number of injuries: 3

Number of new infections per 10,000 population: 0.23,000
Number of re-infections per 10,000 population: 0.00

Number of infections per 10,000 population: 0.23,000

Number of deaths: 1:

Diseases associated with COVID-19: 1
– Only because of Covid: 0

Number of people in quarantine 136

Number of checks performed: 99
Number of positive tests: 3


Number of new infections: 613
Number of re-infections 65
Number of injuries 678
The number of new infections per 10,000 people 1.80

Number of re-infections per 10,000 population 0.19,000

Infections per 10,000 population 1.99,000
Number of deaths: 15:
Diseases associated with COVID-19: 12
– Only because of COVID: 3
Number of people in quarantine: 7620
Number of checks performed: 4806
– Including a positive result: 733


We have 13,960 cases (including 1,112 re-infections) confirmed # coronavirus cases from the following counties:

Masovian Prefecture (2231),
Greater Poland (1961),
Kiuavian-Pomeranian Province (1405),
West Pomerania (978),
Lower Silesia (947),
Silesia (889),
Lublin (730),
وودód County (727),
Lubowski (721),
Pomeranian (704),
Lesser Poland (678),
Varmin-Masurian Province (631),
Świętokrzyski (412),
Podlasie County (368),
Opole (285),
Podkarpacy District (194).
99 injuries are untitled data, which will be supplemented by a health check.
49 people died from #COVID19, and 172 people died from living with COVID-19 with other cases.
The number of people infected with the Corona virus is 5,651,596 / 111,277 (all infected / deceased).

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