Is Xbox setting up another surprise premiere on Xbox Developer_Direct?  Microsoft may surprise you

At the end of January last year, we witnessed the Xbox Developer_Direct show, during which we not only learned the release date of Redfall or Minecraft Legends, but also revealed and debuted Hi-Fi Rush. Microsoft seems to want to repeat this success and is preparing another surprise premiere.

Hi-Fi Rush, a musical offering from the creators of The Evil Within, has been very well received by the industry. A few people expected Microsoft to release an unannounced game at the beginning of 2023 that would compete for the top prizes at big events.

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Microsoft is said to be preparing for the upcoming Xbox Developer_Direct and during the event we will not only see Hellblade 2, but also… The company is about to present another surprise.

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Xbox is gearing up for a new Developer Direct event, following in the footsteps of its successful launch in 2023. At the upcoming event, we expect great presentations with news about titles that have already been announced, giving gamers a behind-the-scenes look at some of the hottest and most anticipated projects (Hellblade, Towerborne…etc).

But that's not all: I've been told that during this event we may see a new launch of “Shadowdrop” or a surprise launch, with the game available at the same event or a few weeks later. It may not be exactly the same as Hifi-Rush, but we will have something very similar to the game with a release date close to it.

According to the leaks, this time Microsoft may offer players KILN, a Double Fine Productions game that was developed a few years ago, but Tim Schafer and his team stopped preparing the game because the developers were finishing work on Psychonauts 2 and focused only on this title. . The studio's last entry was released in 2021, so the team has had plenty of time to complete previously developed production – Microsoft registered the “KILN” trademark last year.

You can see part of the gameplay from the initial release of Kiln below:

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