Post-Christmas surprise.  The much-awaited app is available for free on Android

Although the end of the year in the technology industry usually means some stagnation and slowdown, Microsoft used the opportunity to surprise users of its services – especially those who avidly use generative artificial intelligence. The Copilot app has just been launched for Android smartphone users.

The Bing chatbot (later renamed Copilot) and the introduction of generative AI to Microsoft services are undoubtedly two products that defined the Redmond giant's last year. However, in the vast majority of cases, when talking about Microsoft's generative AI, these products were intended for PCs and laptops, without proper equivalents for mobile devices.

The exception here was the Bing chatbot, which can be accessed by downloading the Bing search engine app. This non-optimal solution will be replaced by a new Microsoft app that comes with the promise of being your “AI assistant.”

Microsoft Copilot has quietly arrived on Android

According to Neowin, Microsoft's Copilot app was quietly added to the Google Play Store last week. In this case, Microsoft Copilot is a literal copy – visual and functional – of the chatbot in the Bing search engine app. As in Copilot, users can talk freely with the robot, use the GPT-4 model to generate text and the DALL-E 3 model to generate images.

Despite being advertised as an “everyday AI assistant,” Copilot doesn't have the well-known integration from the Windows version that allows you, for example, to turn off your phone or launch apps. In fact, it's just a popular chatbot that can be used without downloading the entire Bing app.

You can download Microsoft Copilot for free (and in Polish) from Google Play Store. If you own an Apple device – unfortunately, this is a bit disappointing, as Copilot is still not available as a separate app. You can access the chatbot by downloading the Bing search engine app in the App Store.

More about Microsoft Copilot:

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