Is this a very perfect planetary system?  They are looking for signs of alien technology in it

At the center of an ideal planetary system is an orange dwarf called HD 110067. There are six planets orbiting it, each wandering through space. Harmony with neighboring worlds.

As scientists point out, approx A perfect “string” of orbital resonances is extremely rare in space. This suggests that the system has been stable since its formation, about a billion years ago. The system itself has become the apple of astronomers' eyes. However, its uniqueness lies not only in perfect mathematical proportions.

Scientists from the SETI Institute think so This exceptional system provided the ideal conditions for the emergence and development of life.

Specialists believe that the aforementioned Planetary system Very interesting, especially when it comes to researching life there. Therefore, they were carefully searched in the hope of finding radio signals that could provide evidence of the existence of a past or present civilization.

If it is in Search for technical signatures If we take the Earth as an example, we also need to take into account the propagation of radio signals known to us – they spread over a distance of about 100 light-years. Therefore, the potential signals reaching us from an ideal system are at the limit of detection.

In the aforementioned system there are six different smaller worlds Neptune. It is believed that liquid water may exist on the surface of some of them, which is extremely important in the context of the search for life as we know it.

To explore alien worlds, SETI scientists analyzed archival data from… Green Bank Telescope Looking for technical signatures. They took cues from Earth's technology to search for suitable wavelengths and signal patterns.

Unfortunately, while searching No signs have been found indicating the presence of an advanced civilization in this system. However, astronomers do not give up and say that they will return to this system when more accurate measuring tools appear.

Although we did not find any signs as a result of this research, We expect a return to this system And others like it in the future with increasingly sensitive and diverse research methods. This unusual system remains an interesting target for future searches for technological fingerprints, the scientists wrote in their paper.

The results of the research were published in a scientific journal AAS Research Notes.

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