We all know very well that the situation in the market for graphics cards is not ideal – for several months we have been observing a clear shortage of gaming units, and if some players fall into the hands of gamers, they have to pay a fortune for them. . What’s worse, there is no indication that it will improve here – systems are getting more expensive again, and the crypto-craze continues, as evidenced by the price of bitcoin (it seems that at some point the most popular cryptocurrency will be the most expensive in history). As if that wasn’t enough, Moore’s Law Is Dead reports that NVIDIA isn’t doing everything it can to get things back to normal. It seems that … the manufacturer is trying to manipulate the entire market.

It is alleged that NVIDIA plans to discontinue production of all GeForce RTX 3000 graphics cards – this measure is expected to pay off for the manufacturer more than meet demand later this quarter.

NVIDIA allegedly halted production of RTX 3000 graphics cards to keep prices as high as possible until the first half of 2022. [2]

NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3050 Ti and GeForce RTX 3050 – Ampere graphics cards can have GA106 and GA107 cores

Reliable sources say the Greens are planning to discontinue production of all their GeForce RTX 3000 gaming graphics cards at the end of October to keep retail prices as high as possible until next year. After that, the market may find updated models (perhaps with a SUPER note), which can be offered from the very beginning at inflated prices. There is no need to hide – such a measure will pay off more for the producer than to meet the demand in this quarter. On the other hand, such a move may also be planned to mitigate a potential price crash – soon the cryptocurrency Ethereum will switch to a Proof of Stake model, which means that miners will not need GPU computing power to mine it. Graphics cards can then be expected to sell out on a large scale.

NVIDIA allegedly halted production of RTX 3000 graphics cards to keep prices as high as possible until the first half of 2022. [1]

NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 – The graphics card may appear in a new version. This time with 12GB of GDDR6X memory

Next year’s line of GeForce graphics cards will be even more attractive to gamers, all thanks to new capacitive variants with at least 12GB of VRAM. Apparently, NVIDIA is assuming gamers will roll out new systems anyway, despite the fact that AMD and Intel may have better offerings in a few months. However, these manufacturers may have greater problems ensuring adequate supplies, and in the case of Intel, we may also be dealing with cheap non-reference versions – according to sources similar to Moore’s Law, NVIDIA is trying to persuade partners to use cheaper cooling solutions for ARC systems. Well, of course, this is only anecdotal information, but MLID is a fairly reliable figure in the world of new technologies. We are therefore very curious to see how the situation in the market will develop in the coming months.

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