Is Netflix about to lose one of its cult series?  Reacting on stage

On Netflix, there are two categories of series: Original series produced by the platform Wednesday, Stranger things Where Bridgerton Chronicle and series for which rights have been purchased through the platform. In this second category, there are several liturgical series Friends, The Big Bang Theory Or Brooklyn Nine-Nine. But the rights can sometimes expire, much to the chagrin of subscribers. This will happen soon Gossip girl Who will leave the list. The news left many fans of the cult series entitled to a reboot irked.

>> “A disaster indeed“,”Intolerable“: This new series has the worst rating in Netflix history, which hurts! <

Another cult series that is very popular among internet users is in danger of exiting soon. Over the past few days, subscribers who were in the middle of watching (or re-watching) noticed a message. The program will begin on January 1 next. It’s a joke Office, consisting of 9 seasons. The prospect of seeing her quit Netflix has some internet users panicking… but what exactly?

Netflix Responds to Fans Concerned About Leaving Office

If you are one of those worried Office, we already have good news: the series is not leaving Netflix! In a tweet published this Wednesday, December 28, 2022, the site assured everyone: The adventures of Dunder Mifflin employees will still be available in 2023.Contrary to what was announced on the platform, The Office (US) will still be on Netflix after December 31st! In a few days we will be able to…” can be read in the news.

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