Rat and rat infestations are on the rise in Quebec

Rat and mouse infestations are on the rise in Quebec this year, and many pest management experts warn that the problem will inevitably increase in the coming years.

Experts in extermination see a 30% to 65% increase in requests for intervention in the region compared to August and September last year.

“In Quebec, we see that this is at odds with overall work,” notes Michel Maheu, general manager of Maheu&Maheu, compared to the situation in other regions.

Eric Sirois, a pest management expert, estimates that requests for intervention increased by about 35% in September alone.

Mr. Sirois specializes in smoke testing, which helps identify where rodents are entering a building.

“Last year, we did smoke checks once or twice a month. Now, I’ve already scheduled 11,” he observes.

At Exterminapro, demands are also increasing.

“We should have a record year in terms of rodents and mice,” says Guillaume Nandel, the company’s supervisor and senior technician.

Exterminators receive many requests for commercial and residential interventions this year.

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Exterminators receive many requests for commercial and residential interventions this year.

Excavation, infection and heat

According to experts, excavation works, long summers and aging sewage structures are the factors that explain the increase in epidemics. And it’s not over in their opinion.

“With everything that happens in the coming months and years based on the excavation work, we can expect the rat problem to grow,” said Mr. Sirois warns.

He believes that with the tramway’s work, other displacements of rat populations are to be expected.

Mr. Maheu notes that where there is work, rodent populations must migrate.

MM Nantel and Sirois also point to the epidemic, which has led to prolonged closures of many campuses.

“That also contributed to the proliferation of insects,” said Mr. Sirois argues. They have free reign, access to food and no one to disturb. »

“During COVID, more people tried to solve problems themselves, which means we received more calls this year and last year than ever before,” said Mr. Nandel says.

Old sewage systems can contribute to the problem.

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Old sewage systems can contribute to the problem.

Bad surprises

MM Nandel and Maheu say many plumbing structures end up in Quebec. This could lead to some nasty surprises.

“These networks start to explode and start to attack some places that allow rats to come out and not even have a rat problem,” Mr. Nandel warns.

What if there are rats?

  • Do not poison rats, because they will die in the infested building, the access violation will not be discovered and the problem will not be solved.
  • Ensure that the affected buildings are sealed to prevent access to rats and other rodents.
  • To prevent reacting to residential plumbing and maintenance work around it, make sure structures are not cracked so as not to encourage rat infestations.

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