Thanks to its serene scenery and neutral standings among the world order, Canada has become a country of great opportunities and prospects for students, tourists, and immigrants from all over the world. One can be left in great awe seeing vast exuberant landscapes transforming with four seasons, allowing us to explore nature in every possible way.

Combine all the natural beauty with one of the best social systems in the world, and you have Canada, a perfect country to live in modern times while still staying sincerely in touch with mother nature. With that said, it’s now time to explore the best within the best or, simply, the best places in Canada to live and rise. In the text below, we will follow the research of Alex Gambler to visit 5 of the best places to live in Canada. So, let’s get started.

5 Best Places to Live in Canada

Whether on the west coast of the country, with the beautiful Rocky Mountains extending to the Pacific Ocean in the province of British Columbia, or the areas of Manitoba and Saskatchewan with their innumerable water resources and indigenous traditions, or in the most populated regions of the East with urban and rural landscapes that leave you short of breath—Canada does not envy beauty to any other destination.

1. Toronto, Ont.

Being one of the leading financial capitals of not only Canada but the world, Toronto is one of the top cities for foreigners to live in Canada. Whether you fancy a high quality of life, low crime rates, excellent working conditions, beautiful roads, almost zero environmental pollution, and a health system that works like a Swiss watch, Toronto offers everything.

This city is the epicentre of business in Canada; therefore, the labour market is quite attractive and comprehensive: it is one of the places with the most work opportunities in the country and well paid! Besides, it’s also the IT hub in Canada, thus, an excellent destination for foreigners looking for work in the IT industry. It is also one of the most diverse cities, presenting perfect opportunities to meet and know new people from all backgrounds. However, what makes Toronto our first pick is the saying that “there is always something to do in Toronto’’ as it’s a vibrant city with a busy nightlife, a diverse food scene you cannot miss and a lot of attractive places.

2. Vancouver

Vancouver is the third-largest city in the country and undoubtedly one of the most beautiful. Despite being considered the most expensive city in North America, it ranks high among the best cities to live and work in Canada. Why? Well, it is characterized by having a very prosperous economy, which means excellent job options, especially for lovers of technology and the world of cinema. Of course, the high quality of life leads to increased costs. Besides, it is a well-paid city, so when you actually work here, it might not feel that expensive.

Vancouver holds a perfect mix of avant-garde architecture and beaches, mountains, and green spaces, together with an active cultural life and a beautiful skyline worth staring at. Besides, Vancouver’s geographical location keeps its weather perfect all year round since temperatures range between 2 °C in winter and 22 °C in summer. The highlight here should be its over 230 parks, making it a true urban jungle and a great place to stay close to mother nature.

3. Niagara

Next up, we have a small city bordering the vast lands of America. Its main attraction, of course, is Niagara Falls, making it one of the most preferred tourist destinations in the world. What comes with tourism? Well, businesses, that make this beautiful small town a perfect place to live, as there is so much you can do to earn and spend. Another intriguing attraction is the casinos with C$5 minimum deposit in Canada like these exclusive offers that offer you a chance to play with low risk.

There are also a lot of investment opportunities in real estate, which is surprisingly cheap considering the global standings of the city. Besides, Niagara is also a perfect destination for growing a family due to its robust school system, affordable rentals, and dependable health system. The highlight, of course, should be its serenity and breathtaking views, which make Niagara heaven on earth.

4. Montreal

It is the economic center of the province of Quebec and the city with the most European vibes in the country. It’s one of UNESCO’s most creative cities thanks to its diverse cultural profile and a perfect combination of its native heritage and modern architecture. The quality of life is exceptionally high, with one of the best road systems in Canada, along with a superior educational system and high levels of security


It is a reasonably accessible city compared to other Canadian towns since the cost of living is not that high. Besides, the vibrant town also offers extensive employment opportunities, especially for English and French speakers. And if the weather is essential to you, temperatures here range from -2ºC to -20ºC in winter and up to 27ºC in summer. All this combines to make Montreal the happiest place to live in Canada.

5. Calgary

Calgary is known to be the cleanest city in the world, and it becomes pretty apparent once you take a deep breath here. It is also known as a Canadian leader in the oil industry, resulting in a strong job market for technicians. For this reason, Calgary, and the province of Alberta in general, is constantly searching for qualified professionals to work, thanks to its extensive immigration programs.

It is included among the most popular cities to live in Canada, among other reasons, because the cost of living is much lower than in other large cities, such as Toronto and Vancouver. Salaries in this city are comparable to or higher than the average person’s expenses. Besides, the education and health systems here are well maintained, making Calgary a perfect place for families looking to move to Canada. The weather here, however, gets a bit harsh during the winter.

To sum up

So, picking only 5 of such a wide variety of landscapes was indeed a challenging task, but thorough research done by Alex Gambler has given us the 5 best places to live in Canada

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