Is it worth buying coins now?  On March 18, the zloty remained stable after catching up.  The exchange rate of the Swiss franc is 4.49 zlotys and the euro is 4.67 zlotys

The new week in the currency markets started very quietly. As of Monday, the zloty was slowly making up for its consecutive losses against the currencies, which it suffered mainly a week ago, last Monday. Tuesday morning – no changes. On Wednesday – also, despite the weakening of the pace and corrections at the level of PLN 0.01 in favor of the zloty. Is this a good time to buy coins if someone wants to protect their savings in this way?

The same is true for other markets. On the commodity exchanges, oil and gold prices are slightly lower, and the exchanges open the week with slight increases in stocks and indices.
This Monday trend continues into Tuesday and Wednesday mornings.
Hopes for a further normalization of the situation are linked to the anticipation of the end of the war in Ukraine.
An important role for the currency market was to play the meeting of the US Federal Reserve (the equivalent of the Polish Monetary Policy Committee), which was aimed at raising interest rates on the US dollar. It has already happened.
The Fed raised interest rates by 25 basis points, the first increase since December 2018. However, they are still very low. The key is whether the Fed will persevere in its announcements of the changes, which are far-reaching. Currently, price hikes are reported at basically every meeting this year.
As a result, a relative calm prevails in the currency markets on Thursday morning, March 17th, and the zloty is still recovering from losses.

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