14. Retirement 2023 from KRUS.  When and how much will a farmer receive when he retires?

Similar to the last two years, KRUS will pay the 14th pension in 2023. Moreover, the government wants this additional benefit, like the 13th pension, to be permanent. On May 16, the Council of Ministers adopted a draft law introducing the “fourteenth subsidy” as a subsidy paid annually. On July 19, the president signed the law. We have learned the maximum amount of supplementary pension. How much will retirees and pensioners receive from their account? When will the transfer from KRUS take place?


The fourteenth additional pension was disbursed for the first time in 2021, and the “thirteenth” pension began to be disbursed to retirees in 2019. The thirteenth pension is an additional annual benefit that every retiree receives, regardless of income. In the case of “fourteen” there is an income criterion.

The adoption of this law today is another important milestone on the path to improving the fate of all our grandfathers and great-grandfathers. Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki said on May 16. – In 2022, we also introduced a solution that allows retirees and pensioners to save more. The amount of the thirteenth and fourteenth pensions is exempt from personal income tax.

On July 19, President Andrzej Duda signed the law of May 26, 2023 on further additional annual cash allocations to pensioners.

According to government representatives, the fourteenth pension will be paid every year in the amount of At least at the minimum pension level. The benefit goes to those who need it most, which is why the income criterion of PLN 2,900 was introduced.

The average monthly number of retirees and pensioners to whom KRUS paid benefits in 2022 was 994.5 thousand. people, including 773,671 retirees.

In 2022, KRUS began paying pensions on August 25 and continued in September. It will be the same in 2023, government representatives said in September. what is important, You do not need to apply to the 14th gradeThe Fund will pay it ex officio.

– In the morning we had a meeting of the Council of Ministers and there we adopted such assumptions, we made such decisions that the payment of the fourteenth pension would already be Paid in the first half of September The total amount should be more than PLN 1,000 more than the original assumptions, Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki said on August 22, 2023.

The Agricultural Social Insurance Fund reports that it has begun preparations to pay another additional annual cash allocation to pensioners in 2023.

The 14th old-age pension will be paid by KRUS together with old-age or disability benefits or supplementary benefits to parents on the September dates of payment of retirement and disability benefits, i.e. September 10, 15, 20 and 25 2023.

If the pension is paid quarterly, in this case another additional benefit will also be paid separately in September of this year, explains KRUS.

And let us remind you that the lowest pension in 2023 is the amount Total PLN 1,588.44 (net PLN 1,445.48). It is worth noting that the draft fourteenth old-age pension law stipulates the possibility of setting an amount higher than the minimum old-age pension. And so it happened.

The government announced: – We are working to increase the amount of the fourteenth pension Up to 2200 per hand. This equates to a net approximately PLN 838 more than required by law. This year the “fourteenth pension” will be paid in September.

Who will get this additional benefit payment? The Prime Minister’s Office explains on its website: Whoever receives the monthly amount will receive the full amount The total interest does not exceed PLN 2,900. People who receive higher interest will receive the reduced “14th interest” on a “PLN for PLN” basis.

Who is eligible to receive the additional annual cash aid? The fourteenth pension is payable to people who are entitled to one of the following benefits:

  • Agricultural pension
  • Agricultural pension for inability to work,
  • survivor pension,
  • periodic agricultural pension,
  • supplementary allowance for parents,

– If the total amount of benefits received does not exceed PLN 5,500.00. Additional benefits are not granted if their amount is less than PLN 50.

The Prime Minister’s Office reminds you that the fourteenth pension is exempt from personal income tax. Other than the contribution to general health insurance, no deductions or deductions may be made from the fourteenth pension amount.

  • The beneficiary is entitled to an agricultural pension in the amount of PLN 1,772.70 payable by the 10th of the month. On the September payment date (together with the farmer’s pension), the “14th pension” will be paid in the amount of PLN 2,650.00 (PLN 1,772.70 < PLN 2,900.00).
  • The agricultural family pension is paid by the 15th of the month, in a total amount equal to PLN 1,826.71, to the widow and 3 adult children. On the September payment date, another additional annual cash interest in the amount of PLN 2,650.00 will be paid, i.e. PLN 662.50 per eligible person.
  • The beneficiary is entitled to an agricultural pension in the amount of PLN 1,588.44 and an employee pension in the amount of PLN 962.61. Together with the ZUS old-age pension, the “XIVth old-age pension” will be paid in the amount of PLN 2,650.00 (PLN 1,588.44 + PLN 962.61 = PLN 2,551.05 < PLN 2,900.00).

Source: KRUS, premier.gov.pl

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