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So François Legault was ridiculed for saying in the National Assembly last Thursday: “Unfortunately, there are young people. Cold Saying words in English or talking to each other in English.

• Read more: [VIDÉO] François Legault laments that young people are “cold about saying words in English.”

Of course, it was ironic that he used an English word to defend French. But why criticize what 99% of Quebecers talk like?

I listen to a lot of Quebec series and am amazed at the number of English idioms, English expressions, words or even complete sentences in English.

Are those mocking the prime minister wrong to watch our actors deliver sentences that no one in the French-speaking world understands?


Every time someone catches me using a word in English and reprimands me: “You rebuke English, but you also say funny And Cold”, I reply with my salt analogy. A sprinkling of salt here and there in a pan will enhance the taste. Dipping the entire salt shaker is disgusting. An occasional English word, that's no problem. Businesses are monolingual, with the constant francophone young people unable to produce more than 50% of their sentences in their mother tongue, which is a problem.

In the Quebec series I hear these days, I hear phrases like “save time to balance money.” to save In English and Balance In English.

I hear a lot too That's it!, Let's go!, Come!Where Agreement, good job!.

I'm only asking the question, I don't have the answer: Should serial authors write the way we speak or better than we speak?

We see a refinement of our series over the years: characters no longer smoke, for example, which we feel sets a bad example for the audience. Yet in “real life” it is full of smokers. It has been said that we need more minorities and diversity to reflect reality. By the same logic, should conversations reflect the “reality” of Quebec in 2024, meaning we should all sprinkle a little English “salt” in our sentences?

We don't want a character from Hochelaga-Maisonneuve talking like a Parisian titty with “du coup” and “à donf.” But is it normal that sometimes we hear verses like Character 1: Let's go! Role 2: Come!, When the scene takes place in the Magdalen Islands?

Put your Flashers!

Jack Duvall, record obituary and automobile columnist, died last week. Here's a man handling French with class. In 2004, the OQLF awarded him its Mérite du français prize for the quality of the language used in his work. Later, in 2011, he received the prestigious Georges-Emilie-Lapalmé prize, “awarded to someone who has made an exceptional contribution throughout their career to the quality and influence of the French language, spoken or written in Quebec.”

in a world Crankshaft, Neck strap And Clutch, Mr. Duvall had imposed and popularized a French vocabulary. After so much progress, are we going backwards? We have to put brakes In English?

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