Spokesman for Quebec, Magic City!: For Alain Choquette, it all started with ad lib.

Unbeknownst to him at the time, Alain Choquet created the recipe that would make him an internationally renowned magician when he offered tricks as a joke on the show. Ad libDuring the 1980s and 1990s.

This is one of the most popular segments on this late night talk show. Once a week, young Alain Choquet surprises host Jean-Pierre Collier with his clever tricks.

“What I learned was that the fun came into the living room. When I create a number, I want to bring back this kind of emotion,” says Quebec, a spokesperson for Magic City! (formerly the Quebec Magic Festival), recalling those laughs on TV.

“Jean-Pierre was an ace. He was very charming. Really smiling. I wrote my texts with Pierre Légaré and Christian Tétreault based on Jean-Pierre. Sometimes the speech could be very flat, but that was expected. He was flattered, and he smiled. He Said: “I can’t believe you made a joke.” »

Photo by Cédric Bélanger/Le Journal de Québec

Limited Wizards

This desire to properly stage his magic tricks never left him. It is fundamental. Nothing bothered him more than a mage with impeccable technique but no visual sense whatsoever.

“I see them a lot,” says Alain Choquet. These people are unfortunately not many. If you play in big stadiums, you have to play big. It doesn’t mean having big companies can get everyone’s attention and interest. »

He knows something about this, since he got a one-year contract in Atlantic City thanks to the disappearance of 12 randomly selected people from the public.

More than just a kids show

In a similar vein, Alain Choquet deplores the fact that the art of magic is often associated with children’s entertainment. “If you come and see what we’re going to offer as part of the festival, it’s high caliber,” he amends. There are various Magic championships in the world and there is a champion of champions. We have three. »

Back to the stage department, the main thing is to impress the audience.

“I worked on a TV show The greatest mantra in the world, on NBC, there’s a woman who throws a metal ball. It was an old thing that took 30 seconds, but it lasted five, six minutes, and she danced with the ball, it was so emotional, it was so beautiful. »

A magical city to see in Quebec !

  • Best International Magic ShowSeptember 21, 22, 23 and 24, at Le Diamant Theater
  • Presented by Fredo An elephant in the roomSeptember 20, 6 p.m., College Saint-Charles-Garnier
  • Place de la Famille Desjardins, activities for all, from September 21 to 24, in d’Youville

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