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January 1, the long-awaited special “”, The protagonists said little known details in the records. In between interesting and funny events, Oliver Phelps was tasked with giving a certain tone to the play by revealing that the director of “The Couplet of Fire” had broken his ribs.

Filmmaker Mike Newell, who was in charge of the fourth “Harry Potter” film, admitted that the accident happened during the simulation of a fight in the 2005 film, according to him, the actor who played George Wesley broke some ribs.

It happened during a fight scene when George and Fred Wesley (James Phelps) had their plan to enter the Trivizard competition failed, and they both fell victim to a spell that made them look like old men.

As the director explained, the scene was not good enough because the duo did not “fight seriously”, so he intervened and decided to show how the fight should be. Serious mistake.

“These two are so gentle, I said to them: ‘No, come on guys, this is a fight.’ I was a 60-year-old ‘plump’ gentleman at the time and really shouldn’t have (engaged in a fight). So he looked at me and said ‘like this’, so I did the same to him”, Added the director.

“I remember trying to throw him around the waist and breaking two ribs.”, Phelps was convicted. “From that moment on I experienced complete pain, but the wonderful thing is, I fooled myself and everyone felt so good about it.” Added the director.

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