Not just the devil’s kurdish.  They were also expelled from TVP

  • Barbara Cordig-Szatan has been fired from TVP in the past, having presented on a number of shows
  • Tomasz Kammel was fired in 2007 from TVP for appearing in ‘Dancing with the Stars’ on TVN
  • In 2013, Katarzyna Dowbor was fired from TVP after 30 years working for the station
  • Yaroslav Kreit, after 24 years of working for TVP, learned of his dismissal from his colleagues from the editorial office
  • More such stories can be found on the homepage of

Barbara Cordage-Demon caused quite a stir with her emotional entry. The actress noted the situation on the Polish-Belarusian border. Lots of strong words featured in her post, including profanity. The words of the young actress resonated very quickly, not only in the world of show business. A company that Demon Cordy has been associated with for many years responded to the matter, but Jacek Korsky also spoke. The head of TVP announced that the actress will not appear in the series “M jak miłość”..

The sudden end of the collaboration between Barbara Kurdej-Satan and Telewizja Polska is causing another confusion. And many extremist voices: from supporting women to criticizing their behaviour. It is undeniable that in the past there were many times when the authorities of TVP – central and those of slightly lower levels – took sudden decisions to dismiss people who are well known to public television viewers.

You can find the rest of the article below the video:

They were also released from TVP

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