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Anna Maria Cicluca on her career after the movie 365 days. Do you feel classified and how often do you receive new job offers? The star had sincere words in front of the camera.

On April 27 on the podium Netflix The movie will hit 365 days: This is amazing day. After the success of the first part of the triple examination Blanca Lipinska Opinions have emerged that another song is being prepared, which will occupy first place in the list of most viewed items for weeks.

This time, a very handsome man will join the cast Simon SuzinaWho will play the role of the hero who competes for the heart of the character he plays Anna Maria Cicluca. Thanks to her role in the movie, the actress got into the vast waters of show business and gained immense popularity in the world. Her Instagram profile is already viewed by more than 3 million people, which puts her at the forefront of the most popular accounts in the country.

How has your involvement in the production affected the star’s acting career?

Anna Maria Cicluca talks about the role of W 365 days. Do you feel dove?

The actress for the role of Laura revealed in an interview with the reporter Gasterzup Post whether she regrets her participation in the film. 365 days And whether she feels like an actress with one role. Sieklucka noted that in addition to appearing on the glass screen, she regularly appears on the stage of theaters, where you can see what she can really do as an actress.

post production 365 days In our Polish market, for what I will say, I will definitely be hated, people love harassment. Those who did not come to the theater and did not see me in performances do not know the scope of my possibilities. Which is very sad and unpleasant, but I dealt with it. And when it comes to soap operas, I’m very much looking forward to a role that will challenge me, and not another similar one that I would have had the pleasure of playing.

Did Anna Maria grieve for this fact and regret her appearance in it? 365 days?

I generalize because I can see what is happening in the Polish market. I don’t think any step I’ve taken in my career has been a mistake. I do not regret anything. I treat every challenge as a great lesson and experience for myself and my future. Let it be, until there are more and more of these challenges. But referring to the question – I don’t think anyone would categorize me because I adhere to the principle that what we think we attract.

And what job offers has Anna Maria received since she starred in the world-famous film?

appear and not appear. We’ve also had a hard time, there was a pandemic time, and now it’s war time. It’s very hard to find something different from what people saw me in when it comes to the movie. Especially when it comes to the series.

Each conversation below.

Trailer Part Two 365 days. today:

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