Anna Dzidochica is preparing for the Oscars!  Her creativity will be unique...

The Oscar-winning party is fast approaching and the top movie award nominees gear up for one of the most exciting nights of their lives. This year, two Poles had a chance to win the coveted figurine: Janusz Kaminski for photos West side story And the Tadeusz Sisyak for a short film dress. He plays the main role in the work of Łysiak Anna Dzidochicawho traveled to Hollywood some time ago to promote the film extensively. The actress was photographed with stars like Bradley Cooper He gives many interviews. In InstaStory she praised, for example, an interview with the BBC.

Already on the night of March 27-28, Dzieduszycka will walk the famous red carpet, and her stunning appearance was made by Tomash Osoulinski. The designer gave an interview Good morning TVNIn them he talked about cooperation with the actress.

I am so glad I was able to meet Ania professionally, and can dress her up – not just in one, but in several things. She’s an amazing person and I’m so glad I was able to wear her – It is to explain.

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The star designer revealed that he can create very quickly Not one, but many cool creations.

This is all complete madness because People who discover that they are candidates have a little time for everything And trying to get them to try is very difficult. In this case, we were on our way. Anya spent a few days in my studio, we can work quietly, preparing her clothes for the trip. So glad I got to wear it – added.

It is not yet known in what style Dzieduszycka will present herself at the Oscar-winning ceremony, but in an interview with high heels She revealed that creation is “the most beautiful thing in the world” and in her favorite color – light green. At some point, there were assumptions that the actress might choose … suits. If so, this set was also made by Ossoliński, who himself approached Anna with a collaboration proposal after watching the movie. This was even before dress He received an Academy Award nomination.

I watched the movie “Dress” because Dorota Pomykała, mentioned by a few people, and also played a big role in this movie, (…) shared the link with the movie and one day saw it on the phone. I say: Oh, my God, that’s great, Dorota, can you help me in the commentary with Anya, because I want to sew a dress for her? – He remembers.

On Sunday afternoon, Poland time, Anna Dzidowica hailed the Instagram snapshot of the moment when she was speaking to a BBC journalist. The actress chose elegant Simple powder pink dressWhich is emphasized under the chest with buttons. As we can only guess, the outfit for the great evening will make a great impression!

Curious how Anna Dzieduszycka will present herself at the big party?

Meatballs heat up Królikowski and StingGate’s photo in Wiktorach


4 hours ago

It’s amazing, it breaks all barriers between the world of perfectly crafted and artificial people, glamor and ordinary – extraordinary ordinary people from the street …

Bravo Mrs. Agnieszka We keep our fingers crossed

Anna Dzieduszycka appears to be Marlena Dietrich from the Polish shorts, and “Dress” for her is “Blue Angel” for Marlena.

Very similar to Lana Turner.

Very similar to Lana Turner.

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When the acting starts, at least the teeth can be straightened. Braces are not very expensive today …

Nickeliki 1234

21 minutes ago

It’s not ugly either. She has a beautiful girl’s face. All this to do. If she straightened it with the camera, she’d really be prettier


23 minutes ago

Congratulations, let it run well. A very honest smile, but Hollywood crap. I’m afraid it will only be 5 minutes of fame.

This movie will only get an award because it was played by a short person and not because of other qualities. The magic of political tact..

I watched City of Women with her participation. Very cool, energetic and smart.

But a father should not beget sons for his daughter

Visually pleasing with interest as she looks at this actress. Ordinary people seemed to gasp at the sight of their bodies bending unnaturally in semi-sexy poses. All are “stylized” like cartoons. People stop digesting it. Ms. Anna is interesting and has been a worldwide hit. This is important and makes me happy


1 hour ago

Everything is fine, but this tattoo does not add charm and can cover the teeth with some lace.. Moreover, it is okay

Welcome. Sorry. To all the haters. With all due respect, she will stand on the red carpet. And you can just go through the chests.

cool. I am very happy if someone achieves their dreams. Lady Anya gives wings to others. And he makes you smile. If you are reading this, I greet you warmly, your smile has improved my mood today. Greetings 🙂

Maybe they’ll get an Oscar just like that’s a miss now

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