Inspectors knock on the houses and apartments of the Poles.  There are severe penalties [16.08.2023]

Not everyone is aware that having a radio or television receiver in Poland entails an obligation to pay an RTV license fee. However, not everyone follows this law.

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Specialist approach in Poczta Polska

Although many people imagine microcontrollers as postmen, in reality they are not. The controllers of Poczta Polska are specially trained employees whose purpose is to monitor the regular subscription fee. It is worth emphasizing that the law allows you to refuse entry to the inspector, but if we agree to a visit, the inspector must provide the purpose of his arrival. Without it, control is not important. However, if he fulfills all the required formalities, we must allow him to search every corner of the apartment in search of a receiver.

Neglecting fee costs

Failure to pay the RTV license fee is not only illegal, but also costly. For unpaid fees, there is a penalty of up to 30 times the monthly subscription price. Specifically, arrears for radio fees may be up to PLN 261, while for a radio and television receiver the penalty is PLN 819.

Companies are more vulnerable to scrutiny

Although it may seem that controllers most often visit private homes, it is in fact companies that are targeted. Recipients on company premises are often subject to inspection due to different subscription rates. Most importantly, the penalty amount for unpaid fees is the same, regardless of whether we are an individual user or a company.

In the era of modern technology, when many people use the Internet to watch TV or listen to the radio, subscription fees may seem outdated. However, the obligation to pay it is still valid. It is therefore worth being aware of the consequences of evading these fees, especially in the face of severe penalties.

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