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The National Labor Inspectorate has completed the inspection at TVN SA – the local Labor Inspectorate in Warsaw confirms. However, he could not provide details, because the station used legal tricks demanding that post-inspection results be kept secret. The backstage of the case was revealed in an interview with the tvp.info portal, a former employee of TVN Kamil Rosalsky, who worked there for 23 years as a camera operator. Now the former employer is accused of violating the rights of employees and many diseases. He is also informed of the results of the inspection contained in the letter sent to him by the head of the labor inspectorate.

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The case became popular at the beginning of this year, although Różalski and a group of other workers who violated workers’ rights were extradited to Discovery’s US headquarters in August 2019.

A few months ago, in a public Facebook post, a former employee accused the dispatcher of forcing the dispatcher to switch from full-time jobs to civil law contracts. Then the number of 1.8 thousand was mentioned for the first time. People on so-called unwanted contracts.

Dispute between TVN employees and hundreds of ‘garbage trucks’

He argued that a feature of colleagues’ duties the television It is typical for a full time job, therefore They should have the right to: an indefinite employment contract, the right to paid leave, sickness allowance and retirement pension. He also noted that from the moment the complaint was submitted to the American station owners, he and his colleagues were treated as “second class people.” “Our employer forced us to work 16 to 17 hours a day, as a result of which we lost our health,” he wrote in February.

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accusing him The station responded with a routine statementBy making sure that the company’s terms and conditions of employment are “legal”.

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The tvp.info portal was already asking the National Labor Inspectorate about this and the inspections carried out – however, the authority could not comment on the pending actions.

Kamil Różalski reveals working conditions on TVN

In an interview with tvp.info, Kamel Różalski explains thatThe efforts of the National Labor Inspectorate to deal with violations of employee rights on TVN lasted for two years. The matter gained momentum after the intervention of Representative Peter Sack.

Now the former camera operator has received a response from the chief labor inspector, which, as he points out, confirms the accusations he has repeated for years against a private station. The response of the General Intelligence Service (GIP) stated that the inspection lasted from May 27 to October 22, 2021.

During the inspection, a group of people whose names appeared in media reports were contacted. Four people, including you, have testified as witnesses. (…) On the basis of the findings made during the inspection, it turns out that the conditions under which activities are performed under a civil law contract are characteristic of an employment relationship” – quotes Różalski’s letter and adds that it categorically contradicts TVN’s claim that “conditions Employment” in the company is legal.

In response, GIPs also fall The number of people working in TVN on the so-called “bullshit”. As of February 24, 2021, they numbered 1,863 people, and on October 1, 2021 – 1096. The inspection body estimates that its activities led to an increase in the number of jobs at the station.

– But this also confirms what I have been writing about for months: unfortunate 1.8 thousand. People in the garbage – emphasizes Różalski.

The case also concerns other former employees of the station

There is also a different case in a similar situation Former TVN operator Robert Wyczałkowski; A few months ago, he sued the broadcaster for unlawful dismissal from his job and demanded that the way he has been working for the past 17 years be fixed. He was also inspected by the National Labor Inspectorate and also received a reply confirming that the Inspectorate recognized the scope of his duties as typical of an employment contract.

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According to Rolsky, this data shows the scale of violations committed by the American company in Poland. Our interlocutor takes a step forward and points out that the accounts As a result of breaking the law, TVN SA did not pay 450 million PLN to ZUS. Where does this amount come from?

– This is a pure amount that must be transferred to ZUS for social security contributions, if those 1.8 thousand people were employed under an employment contract – says the operator and adds that these calculations were made by an association representing people affected by TVN – People First z Krakowa.

Why were the results of the labor inspection inspection of TVN rated?

The tvp.info portal asked the National Labor Inspectorate of the Warsaw Local Labor Inspection Directorate questions about the details of the inspection results. Przymyslaw Work, a spokesperson for the branch, confirmed that monitoring procedures at TVN Grupa Discovery SA were completed in October, and their scope covered “issues in the field of labor law and occupational health and safety”.

The remaining information is withheld because TVN requested it.

The entity subject to the inspection submitted a written request for the confidentiality of the content and results contained in the inspection report. – Explains the speaker. It is not known how long monitoring results are kept confidential.

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Kamil Różalski notes that this is also a frequent practice for station lawyers in judicial disputes with employees. He also cites Wyczałkowski’s lawsuit against TVN, after which the company’s lawyers requested a classification of court proceedings. Our interviewer adds that the station in conflict with the employees is “generally represented by the law firm Raczkowski”, which is linked to another story..

How did Discovery headquarters react to what was happening on TVN?

– When we submitted a notification to Discovery headquarters in the US about irregularities and breaches of law at TVN SA, the Americans – against our will, standards and regulations – violated our anonymity and transferred our data to Poland. The taste is that they Formed such a committee, in which I sat: Principal HR from TVN, a lady from the compliance department from TVN and an attorney from the Raczkowski law firm. They said it was an “independent commission”. – notes Różalski.

In his opinion Americans They acted deliberately, although they had known about the diseases in the Polish unit for at least two years, but “swept it under the rug”.

We have cynics and criminals – you have to call it blunt if someone breaks the law and avoids paying contributions on a large scale. But others are considered hypocrites: they do not break the law at home, because they have huge penalties, but here they play games at the expense of people, because they can afford it and there are no big penalties – sums up.

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