Millions of ZUS reach within reach.  It is from the deceased who did not receive a pension – part of the money is inherited, and the ZUS does not report

ZUS still has funds from OFE. However, the payment will not be made automatically. The heirs must initiate it themselves. According to experts, it is the heirs who should take the first step in this regard. No action on their part means that a portion of the funds are still in ZUS accounts. The procedures must be initiated by contacting the institution and there is no fixed deadline for doing so. However, the money paid is subject to flat personal income tax.

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Experts remind you that, according to the law, you can inherit the money that was transferred from the OFE to a sub-account to the ZUS. But many heirs do not know this. According to the data of the department, in the period from January to August of this year. The number of withdrawals from the subaccount (the second pillar of the ZUS) amounted to 31.6 thousand, and the amount of withdrawals amounted to about PLN 516 million.

The law allows the inheritance of funds transferred from the OFE to a sub-account in the Social Insurance Institution. However, few people still know about it and therefore take the necessary measures in this matter. According to the data provided by ZUS, in the first eight months of this year. The number of withdrawals from the subaccount (the second pillar of the Social Insurance Institution) amounted to 31.6 thousand, and the amount of one-time withdrawals – about PLN 516 million. For the entire past year, it was respectively 48.2 thousand. and 740.2 million Polish zlotys. In 2020 – 38.8 thousand. and 492.1 million PLN, and in 2019-40 thousand PLN. and PLN 435.7 million. In the statistics in this area for 2018 we see 38.5 thousand. and PLN 348.7 million, and in 2017 – PLN 45.2 thousand. and 349 million Polish zlotys.

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– The sub-account is part of the insured’s account and is maintained for persons who are members of open-ended pension funds – OFE, as well as for persons who, after January 31, 2014, have not decided to conclude an agreement with the OFE. ZUS does not have any financial interest in claiming from someone the amount withheld after the deceased, even in the case when this money is owed to a person – explains legal advisor Dr. Karolina Mazur.

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