Increase the number of job advertisements.  There are vacancies in these professions

The measure of job offers, which shows changes in the number of job advertisements posted on the Internet, increased slightly in March, according to a report by the Ministry of Economy and Finance of UITM in Rzeszów and the Bureau of Investment and Economic Courses. Comparatively, the largest number of new job advertisements came in Mazowieckie, Łódzkie and ląskie counties. The largest declines occurred in Lubuskie, Świętokrzyskie and Opole counties.

The registered unemployment rate, excluding the unemployed who work only in seasonal work, remained in February at the level of 5.2% from the previous month, where it remained for six months.

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A difficult situation prevails in areas related to advertising and graphics, as well as sales. The number of vacancies for these professions has been steadily declining since 2018. According to the report, the employment volume of salespeople remains large, financial expansion and refugee influx Increased demand for sellers. Internet sales and self-service cash registers are slowly changing this.

drops in the focal point

There are half the number of job advertisements directed to representatives of company departments responsible for managing human resources compared to last year. Relatively large drops were recorded at the focal point. As noted, in the areas of marketing, office management, finance and economics, and real estate, the decline has slowed in the past few months, and the number of ads fluctuates around a stable value.

It has been assessed that among the job offers destined for graduates of exact sciences or engineering, the effects of the economic slowdown appear more clearly.

Quite steep compared to last year’s value The number of vacancies for R&D representatives, programmers and e-commerce has decreased. The pandemic, the highly dynamic boom in job offers for programmers is currently undergoing a downward correction, and trends in online job offers for IT professions are likely to return to the path of long-term sequential growth, not rapid growth, experts estimate.

It was confirmed that The drop in construction and engineering is a bit smaller. According to the report, categories of offers related to health, safety and environmental protection can be distinguished positively, which have suffered less from the slowdown in the economy and are the only ones in this category of occupations that are characterized by a double increase in number. of job offers.

Lots of job offers in tourism

The best case was recorded in ICT management, where contraction contributed to the decline the furthest among all categories of performance observed.

As reported, among the service professions, employees working in tourism have the least reason for dissatisfaction, as For more than two years, a consecutive increase in the number of job advertisements has been observed.

The number of vacancies increased in March and approached the historical maximum registered in September last year. A relatively good position was also found in the education sectorwhere the number of job vacancies has hovered around a steady level for more than a year.

The worst economic situation prevails in the field of logistics and the media industry.

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