More than 10,000 PLN per month!  In these cities, the salaries of engineers are the highest

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The IT industry is already accustomed to good working conditions and great salaries. However, the job market is not dominated by information technology. In addition to programmers, engineers from many different sectors can also count on high salaries. Their earnings, taking into account the location of the workplace, were analyzed by Bergman engineering experts.

As emphasized by Tomasz Szbikovsky, President of Bergman Engineering, this is a well-deserved bonus, because thanks to these experts the entire economy is developing.

– Of course, provided that someone other than the diploma has the appropriate skills and is able to implement them. Employers know very well that it is worth paying attention to such specialists and this is reflected in the salaries. Polish engineers get an average of 9 percent. Salary increases after 16 months of employment, while the global average is 3%. In 2020, engineers in Poland earned about 32 percent. above the national average. Average gross wages amounted to a total of 5100 PLN, and the average earnings of engineers totaled 6725 PLN – comments Szbykovsky.

Employment company Devire’s observations show that the gradual automation of production plants is causing increased demand for highly specialized jobs. They are people who combine competencies from various fields, including: automation, electronics and information technology. The salaries of engineers working in the largest cities are very tempting.

Highest-paid engineering positions in Warsaw (Average earnings):

– R&D engineer – 13,000 zł;
– automation engineer / programmer – 13,000 PLN;
– Operations engineer – 11,000 PLN.

Top engineering and production positions in Gdansk to m:

– process engineer (expert) – 10,000 PLN;
– supplier quality engineer – 10,000 PLN;
Supplier Development Engineer – PLN 10,000.

In contrast, Upper Silesia, Lower Silesia and Lesser Poland NS:

– process engineer (expert) – 16,000 PLN;
– supplier development engineer – PLN 16,000;
– simulation engineer – 13,000 PLN;
– Project engineer – 13,000 PLN.

Companies are constantly looking for employees such as automation specialists, engineers, maintenance specialists, and electrical technicians. The main reason is the continuous and dynamic development of modern technologies and their wider application in many sectors. As you know, the costs associated with automation processes pay off relatively quickly and more and more companies decide to make investments in production automation. After the implementation of robotic production plants, the structure of the working personnel changes – the number of unskilled workers is reduced.

Tomasz Szybowski admits that engineers with extensive experience and high qualifications are being promoted and that employers are fighting for them.

– We can see it in market reports, for example those by Sedlak and Sedlak. A science engineer with no more than one year of experience can count on an average earnings of PLN 4130. 4-5 years of experience approx. 2000+ PLN. Over 16 years of experience gives an average of PLN 9000.

According to data from Sedlak & Sedlak, engineers receive the highest wages in the leading industries: banking (10,000 PLN total), telecommunications (9,245 PLN total), as well as information technology (9100 PLN total), energy (7000 PLN average) ) Heavy Industry (average total PLN 7000).

When it comes to locations, the largest industrial and technology centers are at the forefront here. The highest salaries for engineers are in the following counties: Mazowieckie, Dolnośląskie, Małopolskie, Pomorskie, Wielkopolskie and Śląskie.

You can also see the differences in earnings between individual regions. While the median in the capital was set at 6,200 zlotys, سwitokrzyskie province was at the bottom of the rate with a ceiling of 4,350 zlotys, almost 2,000 less. A lot depends on the size of the company, the industry it operates in and of course its position in the market. But the level of the candidates themselves is also of great importance.

According to Tomasz Szpikowski, every industry will always need product development engineers and it depends on whether they will establish themselves in a particular sector.

– Big companies are not located in the centers of big cities, but on the outskirts, where they are also close to the smaller towns. Working as an engineer is an opportunity for all talented people, no matter where they come from. The most important thing is what they know and what they can offer to the company that will reward them generously for this – sums up the expert.

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