Inaccurate forensic mathematics, or the unemployment controversy.  See comment by Tomasz Sakiewicz

Of course, we are talking about the ruling on the issue of the place of elections of Law and Justice, which stated that during the PO-PSL government, unemployment in Poland reached 15 percent. The court decided that this was not true and ordered the data to be corrected – it amounted to 14.4 percent (although, of course, it was 2 times higher in individual regions). Thomas Sakiewicz talks about electoral mathematics and court rulings on his YouTube channel.

We have courts that have come to the conclusion that they can change the rules of mathematics. If a court asks to order the addition of, for example, “approximately”, “about” (…) why should 14.4 be more accurate than, say, 14.44 or 14.39? The court said: You have to be more accurate, and the court was as inaccurate as Law and Justice Party employees. Yet he arbitrarily decided that one mathematical operation was more legitimate than the other

Sakiewicz said.

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Mateusz Tomaszewski

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