Scientists have discovered why the formation of early galaxies stopped 12 billion years ago

The Big Bang occurred about 13.7 billion years ago, and then galaxies began to form. The first, formed within a few billion years after the phenomenon, should successfully create new stars, because they have favorable conditions for this. but Some of them have been ‘turned off’.

Selected galaxies stopped 12 billion years ago, and scientists have been looking for answers to questions about this phenomenon for a long time. Researchers come up with the Atacama Large Millimeter/ Millimeter Array (ALMA) Hubble Space Telescope. Then they examined a group of six early galaxies.


These specific objects were chosen as targets because few or no stars were known to form there. Thanks to the gravitational lens, the image of these distant galaxies has been improved. Research has shown that They lacked the cold gas needed for star formation.

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