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Molière: In the Mind of a Comedic Genius

Moliere: In the Mind of a Comedic Genius – (France 2)

Moliere died 350 years ago. “The Imaginary Moliere”, a film with Laurent Lafitte and Pierre RTD, tells a part of his life. It hits theaters on Wednesday, February 14. A chance for 20 hours to slip into Moliere's head.

It's a close call, and Moliere's portrayal of his character, The Imaginary Sick, is a shame. The actual armchair was preserved as a monument by the Comédie Française, as well as its hat. Nothing is predetermined for the theater of Jean-Baptiste Bogle. He was born not far from the Louvre, and grew up in the workshop of his father, upholsterer to the king. Moliere would take over from him as a benefit to an already recognized actor. In the evening, he plays, and in the morning, he mingles with the assembly of kings and attends the rising of the king. Unexpected access to Louis XIV and an inexplicable source of inspiration for human humor at the top of the realm.

Uncompromising comedy

In his time, sadness is king, but he loves a good laugh. Moliere has no equal in drawing with his pen the ugly failures of men. miserly And Misanthrope, he invented French comedy. But his uncompromising humor sometimes drew the ire of devotees of the time when he denounced religion. Although this frightened people, Moliere made his contemporaries laugh, and even the Sun King, who made him his patron, assured his descendants without doubt.

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