Britney Spears’ knife dance saved a store that was in danger of closing

Britney Spears’ choreography may have unintended consequences.

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The latest one, last week, saw the pop star dance with a knife, initially scaring her fans so much that she had to reassure them. “Don’t worry, these are not real knives!!! It’s almost Halloween,” the star insisted.

Britney Spears said on Thursday (28Sep23) that she rented props from the Hand Prop Room in Los Angeles and that her fake dangerous dance was inspired by Shakira’s performance at the VMAs. There, the jackpot for the parts store. Sales immediately increased, which helped the store out of a difficult financial situation.

The manager of the Hand Prop Room told TMZ that online traffic and calls have doubled since Britney Spears mentioned their name on Instagram. The rental of parts, especially blades, has increased by 50%. A godsend for this struggling company during the writers and actors strike this year.

To make up for it, the store has been playing songs sung by the singer non-stop. Is Britney Spears Stronger than Crisis?

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