Qc Scoop publication on Rafaëlle Roy goes too far, artists outraged and page apologizes

Gossip page on Instagram QC Scoop, we know this Tulum Gate According to many Quebec artists, by early 2022, this time limit would have been exceeded. The outcry of reactions eventually led to Page apologizing in an Instagram post.

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Here’s what happened:

On Monday, the Instagram account posted a photo of former finalist Rafael Roy voice, The singer announced that he was found in hospital “under police surveillance”.

The account is linked to an article in which many gossips are reported.

A few hours later, the singer responded to “correct the facts” on social networks.

The mother of two says she sought help and suffered in silence for a long time. Despite what anonymous “witnesses” say in the QC Scoop article, the artist insists he was sober when he was hospitalized.

She had a message for the person who took a photo of herself in the hospital in a very vulnerable moment and sent the photo to Qc Scoop: “I’m sending you love and I want to honor you in a different way. »

Under the publication, many artists give their support to Rafaëlle and are angry. These include Olivier Dion, Véronique Cloutier and Alicia Moffett.

Here are some reactions:

“How many lives have been lost [par les histoires de pages à potin], how many broken families will it take? asks Véronique Cloutier.

The Qc Scoop page removed its post with Rafaëlle’s photo, similar to this one.

The article was initially edited to include the artist’s version and her Instagram post. But hours later, on Monday afternoon, the gossip account had no trace of the incident.

Then, an apology message was published. The administrators have said that they will examine their conscience and act carefully in the future.

The message can be read here:

If you need help:

Call 1-833-456-4566 anytime.

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