Donald Trump during the filming of “Home Alone in New York.”  Years later, it got to the creators

“Kevin's home alone.” It is one of the most popular Christmas productions. The film is shown on Polish television every year, but of course Its popularity around the world cannot be denied.

The second part was filmed in 1992 under the title “Kevin is alone in New York” The main character travels alone in an American city. Donald Trump appears in one scene.

Trump, who was a businessman at the time, played it because Kevin stayed at the Billionaire Plaza Hotel. The politician gave him directions to the lobby. And his role ended there.

“Kevin is home alone.” “Donald Trump violently stormed the set”

The film's director, Chris Columbus, said so in a 2020 interview with Business Insider Donald Trump 'insisted on moving forward' Since her target was chosen as the site of the plan.

-We paid the usual fees, but Trump mentioned that too “You can only use the Plaza Hotel if you appear in the movie.” – said Columbus. He also added,That's why the team agreed Put him in the cast.

Columbus also admitted that when Trump first appeared on screens, “The strangest thing happened”. – People were cheering, so I said to my editor: “Leave him alone. This is a spectator moment.” But you have to admit it He stormed into the group using violence – Comment.

Although three years have passed since the interview, the former US President took advantage of the seasonal popularity of the production and The director's cut responded on social media.

Donald Trump responds to the director. “The creators begged me to play there.”

According to the billionaire The creators “begged” himTo appear in front of the cameras. “I've been very busy and… I didn't want to do this“But the team was very kind and, above all, persistent,” he wrote on Wednesday.

“I agreed and the rest is history! This little scene took off like a rocket, A.” The film was a huge success and remains very popular today“Especially during Christmas,” Trump said. “People are calling” for him “When”, When the movie is broadcast on any station.

The politician also stated that if creatives feel oppressed by him and don't want him in their production, they will do so Why did they agree to share it? And they haven't cut this scene for over 30 years.

“Because I was and still am great on screen, that's why!” – Trump replied to himself, unfazed.

Donald Trump on movie sets. He played dozens of episodic roles

The role of the former US President in the movie “Home Alone” This is not his only participation.

According to the BBC website, Trump has died “Dozens of episodic appearances” In television series and full-length adaptations. The Republican appeared, among others, on sets of productions such as: “Sex and the City”, “Zoolander” or “Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps” or “Two Weeks for Love”.

source: BBC, Business Insider

Miller on “Guest Event”: Sienkiewicz should send flowers to the president/Polsat News/Polsat News

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