March 29, 2023


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In France, 50 percent of public buildings will be built.  wooden

In France, 50 percent of public buildings will be built. wooden

– More and more countries are offering nationwide solutions aimed at promoting timber in construction. Knowledge is growing about the suitability of such structures for health and low emissions. It is still a niche in our country, but it is slowly changing. There is also a growing awareness of communities recognizing the superiority of building in wood technology. Our goal for the next year is to implement the first pilot projects for public buildings in modern technologies using wood, which will allow us to demonstrate the advantages of this solution – says Tomasz Szlązak, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Polskie Domów Drewniane.

Steel and concrete have always been the default building material. However, they generate a huge carbon footprint. According to data from the International Energy Agency, emissions from buildings reached the highest level in history in 2019, and already in 2030, the goal is to reduce them by 50%. Direct carbon dioxide emissions from buildings. Wood will help in this task, especially since countries provide appropriate regulations to popularize this solution.

There is a law in Japan to encourage the use of wood in public buildings. On the other hand, France has pledged that in 2022, public facilities will be constructed with a construction ratio of at least 50 percent. wooden. It is also worth remembering the pilot projects. Melbourne has a 37-meter tall wooden apartment building, and the 85-meter Mjøstårnet Building in Norway is currently the tallest wooden building in the world. In Tokyo, the 70-storey W350 tower will be 350 meters tall when completed in 2041, and will inherit the title of the world’s tallest wooden structure. The United Kingdom, in turn, implemented the project The Dalston Works in London. Thanks to the use of wood technologies, these rental apartments store more than 2,600 tons of carbon dioxide. This means that the building has negative emissions in the first years of its use.

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At the European Conference of Local Governments, there were also voices about the superiority of wood technology and the need to search for new solutions at the municipal level. Public utility buildings should be easy to use and sanitary. And this is ensured by wood, because a properly designed building saves energy and creates a microclimate that is friendly to humans. In addition, prefabricated wooden buildings are becoming more similar in price to traditional ones.

The level of construction prices of timber and concrete will decline with increased sales and increased demand. Of course, prices are currently affected by the significant increases in timber prices in the second quarter of this year, but the situation is stabilizing, which is a good expectation for the coming months – sums up Thomas Zlozak, Chairman of Polskie Domów Drunyan.

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