5 Multiplayer Games Failed Launch in 2021

The process of launching a new game can be both exhilarating and anxiety inducing, especially when you have worked so hard to make your product a reality. The launch of a game is the most important stage, as it will determine whether you will break out among the many other titles launching near you. Even gambling casinos like casino Vulkan online were only successful thanks to a promising launch day.

This is even more important for multiplayer games as it can only function when it receives a reasonable number of players. Here are five multiplayer games that failed to launch in 2021:

Destruction AllStars

As soon as the PS5 was released, there were many exclusive titles that wanted to become the first big games to be played on with this console. Destruction AllStars was one of them, but unfortunately, the PS5 was not on their side. Since production for the console was halted due to the Covid pandemic, and the game itself planning on being a full $70, there were not many buyers upon its initial launch. However, the price eventually came down to $20 once it was launched after it had been delayed by three months due to complications.

Because of the smaller player base, there were not many matches that could happen as there was only a small number of players that could be selected from. As a result, some players would only face off against bots, which made for some less-than-exciting matches and no motivation to continue playing. It did provide some fun car chases and chaotic battles but ultimately had no real progress that players could make through with. Even the microtransaction was not enough to keep players invested, as that would involve spending more money for more repetitive gameplay.

New World

This next game is a new MMO (Mega-Multiplayer-Online) game that has hit the scene in the genre but with a divisive response. The game was already getting controversial takes on it with it being developed by the famous delivery company Amazon. Many of their previous titles that have been made have already been met with heavy criticism, causing them to be considered forgotten about at this point. With this being said, the popularity of people wanting to try this game was successful. Too bad that this resulted in a lot of long queue times where players could no longer get into the world.

Once you do get into the game, the actual progress you make can heavily depend on how much you intend to grind. This game embraces the grind like no other MMO out there, with you being forced to level your character slowly and constantly gaining resources to complete many numbers quests. Combine this with a range of technical issues, and players may be left with a negative response from their first few hours of gaming. However, as it is an MMO, there are constant changes and fixes to the game that could make it a more pleasant experience. So, while it may have had a rough launch, it could grow into something great.


Since the hero shooter genre was a real selling point for a lot of successful games, there were a few hoping to have their own crack at it. Lawbreakers were one of these games and sadly, did not reach the expected success they were hoping for. This game tried to blend together too many points from other games into an incohesive mess of mechanics and themes. This did not sit well for players, and they dropped the game fairly quickly once they realised they could play somewhere better.

All of the aesthetics and themes were very unappealing and seemingly copied from more successful titles like DOOM or Quake. While the game itself is a lot of fun with some good variety, but the game does a poor job of making you feel welcome right off the bat. The controls can be hard to learn, and the proposed matches you can get into with other players would be troublesome. If you are unwilling to slug through these first few hatches, you are most likely not going to play the game for very long.

Hyper Scape

This game is brought to you by Ubisoft and is set to release on PC and all current available consoles. This is a game that was considered dead on arrival but still has a hope to become something better. Ubisoft is hoping to refine the game as much as possible and is planning updates throughout the year. This decision came from a massive flow of feedback from those that played it at launch, giving Ubisoft enough reason to continue supporting the game and make the necessary changes. There are even coupons offered to those who are planning on playing it on PC.

The main problem that some people are having with Hyper Scape is that battle royale games are currently not on everyone’s favourite list. This is due to many battle royale games being released at once, including Fortnite, Apex Legends, Spellbreak, PUBG, and so much more. The industry is too full of them, so even with the changes that could be made, there is still the obstacle of standing out above the rest. With many themes in Hyper Scape being bland from the start, it is not promising enough to become popular on its own merit.

Forza Horizon 5

While the single-player experience of the game is well received, the multiplayer aspect has been given many raised eyebrows. This franchise has also been a series that focuses on the social aspect and building a community of players that love the cars. However, many reported issues on the multiplayer component have left those who want that experience wanting so much more. Ever since the launch, it has proven difficult to play online with others due to many server problems and matchmaking issues. This also lies with connectivity and Convoy team-ups.

The support line on Forza Horizon’s Twitter feed has expressed their concerns over these issues and have submitted an update in response to the crisis. These issues affect multiple different game modes, which means the support team have their work cut out for them. This includes:

  1. The Eliminator
  2. Horizon Open
  3. Event Labs Mode
  4. Horizon Arcade

There is also an issue with using game speed modifiers to help boost the scores in-game modes for PR stunts, resulting in the promotion of others’ content. The developers are working to remove these cheats as quickly as possible, along with their impossible high scores.

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