Impersonating with the title of professor?  Past mistakes come back to us after many years

It happens that past mistakes return to a person after many years. Faded and forgotten, suddenly it became colorful again. This is what happened to Dr. Habb. Magdalena Citic. In 2000, this graduate of the Law Faculty of the Academy of Catholic Theology in Warsaw (MA in early 1995, PhD in September 1996) was working as an assistant professor at the Faculty of Law of the University of Szczecin when he discovered that her text “Civil and Commercial Law of Economists” was textbook plagiarism. For Ph.D. Wojciech Ciuda and Prof. Jan Kovel of Poznań University of Economics. Currently, Sitek is Dean of the Graduate School of Regional European Economics. Alcide De Gasperi in Józefów near Warsaw and a professor at that university. Applies for the title of Belvedere Professor (awarded by the President of the Republic of Poland).

Youth mistake

“Ladies and gentlemen, I renew my application for admission to the NRC [Radę Doskonałości Naukowej – RS] Pursuant to European Union regulations, my testimony as a confidential informant in the plagiarism case committed by Dr. Happ. Magdalena Setek is applying for the title of Professor. I have documents that include her statement that she confessed to stealing the professor’s books. “Kufla i Siuda” – This is part of a letter signed by Jan Kowalski. The author explains that he cannot disclose his personal data because he fears being harassed by some members of the National Council of the National Council, especially the professor. Bronislava Citic. The husband of the candidate for the professorship, Dr. Habb. Magdalena Citic is Secretary of the Council of the National Council.

The body bearing the famous name Council for Academic Excellence is a new incarnation of the former Central Commission for Degrees and Titles, which was established under the Higher Education and Science Act of 20 July 2018, which Jarosław Gowin referred to as the “Constitution” for Science” or “Law 2”.

Policy 47.2023 (3440) dated 14 November 2023;; p. 62

Original title of the text: “Exceptional Professor”

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