Spain.  The tools of a million-year-old man have been discovered

like he said A team of Spanish scientists Headed by Ignacio Martin Lerma to stone tool discoveries It took place at the archaeological site of El Pino located in the village Carrascosa del Campo.

The results of the research team’s work, which were previously published in a scientific journal “Journal of Archeology: Reports”Prove That These tools were used by man before Homo antecessor.

The authors of the post pointed out that most of the tools found in El Pino They are artifacts of quartziteIncluding fists, knives and petals.

We were able to prove it Stone chips were used for slaughter, while larger items were used for carpentry– said archaeologist Santiago Dominguez, who participated in the research, who explained that work on the site has been carried out since 2014.

The scientist explained this in the course of excavations There were also tools for making woodwork And the ships that have not survived to our time.

Take part in the research work at El Pino Archaeologists and paleontologists from several Spanish centers Scientific research, including PhDs from the University of Murcia, the Complutense University of Madrid and the National Center for Research on Human Evolution (CENIEH) in Madrid.

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