Ilona Lipkowska candidly about the movie “Baby Boom or Kogel Mogel 5”.  “The saga must end”

There are films that every one of us knows. These undoubtedly include “Kogel-Mogel” and “Galimatias, or Kogel-Mogel II” – a cult comedy created in the 1980s, and Ilona Lipkowska wrote the script for both productions.

A few years ago, when the creators of the comedy announced that there would be a third part of the comedy, some viewers were happy. Others fear the production will be a major disappointment. As it turned out, the matter did not end with the third part, and the creators soon announced that there would be a fourth or even a fifth part of the famous comedy.

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Baby Boom or Kogel Mogel 5 is scheduled to hit theaters on January 26. As we know, the moody Barbara Wolaska (played by Ewa Kasprzyk) will be absent from the screen, but that's not the only change that comedy fans will have to come to terms with. This time, Ilona Lipkowska had no influence on the script. It was created by Doman Nowakowski and Joanna Jakubowska.

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We asked Ilona Lipkowska what she thought of the fifth part of the film. In an interview with us, she admitted – in her opinion – that the saga should end with the fourth part.

Ilona Lipkowska for “Baby boom or Kogel Mogel 5”

“It's no secret that I invented these characters. That's why Tadeusz Lambka, the producer of the new film 'Kogla Mogla', showed me the working version of this film, but I think it's because I deliberately withdrew from this project,” said Ilona Lebkowska, author of the scripts for the previous parts of the film. In an interview with “I simply don't feel like talking about it.”

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Do I think these characters' stories should end after Part 4? […] It is no coincidence that I used the word “the end” in the title of this film, because in my opinion, this is where this saga should end – admitted Łepkowska.

At the same time, she stressed that she understands the producers' decision to continue the project.

“The End of the World” or Kogel Mogel 4 may not have received the best reviews, but they achieved excellent viewing results (More than 760,000 viewers watched it in cinemas.) Will it be the same in the case of a “baby boom?” Which Kogel Mogel 5″? We'll find out soon.

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What will be the fifth part of the movie?

As we learn from the outline provided by Next Film, in the fifth part, the plot revolves around the birth of children.

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“Piotrus – along with his wife, mother-in-law and Leopold – moves into a new home: a historic country house. Marlenka decides to find a suitable predecessor for her family that is compatible with elegant housing… Agnieszka, in turn, works at the university, but immediately after defending her doctorate, she suddenly discovers that she is pregnant. And when little Cuba is born… the trouble begins! – we read.

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