Iga ¦wi±tek coach explains the breakup: It's her decision.  tennis comfort

About the parting coach Sierzputowski Iga your lips on social media.

This information certainly surprised fans. In 2020, Sierzputowski won the title of Best Coach of the Course women’s tennis federation, And in 2021 he helped Iga to stabilize at the highest level. Our 20-year-old son was the only tennis player in the world to reach at least the fourth round in every Grand Slam tournament. employment Roland Garros She was in the quarter-finals. She won tournaments in Adelaide and Rome. For the first time in her career, she qualified for the WTA Finals, the event for the top eight players of the season.

a few days ago ¦wi ± tek Sierzputowski began preparations for the new season. On December 27, they plan to travel to Australia together to prepare for the first Grand Slam of 2022 – Australian Open.

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“Why? Something is burning.”

Why does the cooperation between Iga and her coach end? We already know Świątek’s position.

Let’s listen to Sierzputowski. – Why? Something just ended. I’ve been driving Iga for five and a half years. We started together, we made it to the top together. I am very happy with what we have done. I’m proud of the way we worked. But something burned out and it was time for a change. This is what happens in every business, especially in a dynamic business Sports – The coach replies.

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“I have not negotiated with any other tennis player”

– This is Iga’s decision, not mine, but to be honest – I felt a kind of relief, because we feel that this is the moment. So far, I haven’t negotiated with any other tennis player and I don’t know what decision I will make, but I know I have a lot of options. And I’m glad I’m going to start something new and I think Iga will also benefit from the change. I am satisfied with the kind of staff you have built and with the entirety of our work. I think Iga can become even better. She already has everything to become the number one woman in the world, and I am convinced that she will continue to succeed. I wish her so much – it sums up Peter Seerzbotovsky.

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Coach Sierzputowski talked his way with Iga to the top A year ago in a long conversation with Sport.pl

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