NASA discovered an anomaly over the North Pole.  Satellites slow 'like they hit speed bumps'

We recently wrote about it on our pages The discovery made by the Hope ProbeWho watches the planet Mars. Then it was discovered that the atmosphere of the red planet has a different composition, and depending on the observed place, the list of substances may vary. continent Described by NASA Somewhat similar, except that it applies The gaps in the Earth’s atmosphere that occur above the North Pole.

Under normal conditions, it should not exist, and the entire barrier, invisible to the naked eye, should be tight at all latitudes. Thanks to him, most of the harmful solar radiation is in the form of a stream of particles Do not reach the lower atmosphereThus people can live on the surface of the planet in peace, without worrying about substances that threaten their health and life. So the gap is a problem because Some unwanted radiation goes directly to the planet.

Photo: NASA

CREX-2 part

However, it turns out that this breach – at the moment – mainly threatens existing satellites ok. 400 km from Earth. Objects have been seen slowing down as they appear over the North Pole, but NASA scientists have not yet understood this What forces act in these gaps between the atmosphere and outer space.

It is assumed that the atmosphere in that region is noticeably denser than in other parts of the satellite’s path, but it was not possible to accurately determine the values ​​u200bu200bof individual factors, which hinders planning for other space missionsWhich will be located in the northern part of the land. The vulnerability that troubled the US space agency comes at the same time every day Noon local time, which is when the sun is at its highest point.

NASA, wanting to understand what exactly is happening at an altitude of 400 km above the North Pole, was preparing for a mission Crix-2 (apex zone-2 experiment). Its main assumption is the launch of a rocket from which special charges are launched, which will allow measurements to be made both from the air (thanks to aircraft) and from the surface of the planet. Mission accomplished on December 1, 2021. Four-stage sounding missile Oryol IV It was launched from the Andøya Space Center in Norway.

Photo: NASA

The time of the mission was not accidental – in winter, when the arctic reaches the minimum light, this does not affect the quality of the measurements. The CREX-2 trajectory itself assumes the launch of a missile, which will then be launched 20 tanks. After it explodes at different altitudes, scientists will be able to verify the behavior of air in the gap, which may allow for a better understanding of this unusual phenomenon. According to the preliminary information, it was possible to collect the necessary data that will now be analyzed.

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