Piotr Żyła was talking about the results of the Polish national team in the Euro and suddenly these words were said.  He didn’t want to hide it

The Polish national team failed to match the result of the Euro 2016. Then our Eagles were eliminated only after a series of penalties in the quarter-finals against Portugal. Now it is the turn of the “red and white”. They didn’t even leave the group. At the beginning of the competition in Germany, the team led by Michel Proppers lost to the Netherlands 1:2, and a few days later was defeated by the Austrian team 1:3. In the end, our team succeeded Draw with the French 1:1.

The players have already returned home. He has come now Time to draw conclusions. A famous skateboarder in our country spoke about the players.

Tomáš Haito said it directly! Video “We lower the bar”/Pulsat Sport/Pulsat Sport

Piotr Żyła had no intention of keeping it secret regarding the Polish national team. Strong review and…surprising choice

Our players are currently preparing to participate in the next edition Summer Grand Prize. In his free time from training, a team member watches a football event. Piotr Sela In the “Euro Fest” program on the TVP Sport YouTube channel, speaking about the Probies team, the athlete said that the team was in a very demanding group for Euro 2024, and despite the disappointing result, there are positives to be found in the tournament. Team play.

They played well, but unfortunately they were put in a tough group. It looked like Austria should have been a little weaker, but it was a surprise in our group (…) You have to be happy with the little things. It’s always at least a point. They also tied with world runner-up France, which was also successful. It was clear they put up a fight and that’s a very positive thing

~ “We’er” he said.

According to the player, the coach must continue working with the team. “I think Coach Probers He’s a good coach He didn’t have much time to put it all together. Let them finally get a chance to prove themselves a little longer. “It was clear that something had progressed,” Altaïr said.

Finally, the 37-year-old was asked who he is currently rooting for at Euro 2024. The answer was surprising. “I think I’m for Romania“I like the way they play,” the Pole said.

Piotr Sila/ Andrey Ivanchuk/Reporter

Piotr Sela/Lukacs Silage/Reporter

Piotr Sela/Darko Bandić/Associated Press/East News/East News

Polish national team players at Euro 2024 during the playing of the national anthem/PAP/EPA/Christopher Neudorf/PAP

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