Ice Cube recorded signals from tau neutrinos
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IceCube, a giant 1 km neutrino detector located in Antarctic ice3registered The signals may come from the tau neutrino, which is extremely difficult to detect. Neutrinos come in three types: electron, muon, and tau. It is very difficult to record the source of the latter from astrophysical sources. In the pages Physical review letters Just posted conditionwhere scientists from the IceCube Collaboration recorded up to 7 signals indicating the presence of a tau neutrino.

Collaboration Ice Cube Collaboration Ice Cube

The detection of seven signals combined with a very low level of background noise allows us to conclude that it is very unlikely that these are spurious signals caused by background noisesays one of the study's authors, Professor Doug Quinn of Pennsylvania State University. The scientist adds that the probability that the signal is the result of interference is less than 1:3,500,000.

In future analyses, scientists will use data from more sensors. During the current research, sensors from three ropes embedded in the ice were used. There are 60 sensors on each rope. Meanwhile, Ice Cube includes 86 ropes. Scientists hope that with more data, they will be able to obtain more information about this neutrino, which is difficult to study.

There is currently no tool that allows determining the energy and direction of the neutrinos examined during the recent analyses. If such a specialized algorithm is created, scientists will be able to better distinguish between a tau neutrino signal and background noise and detect such neutrinos in real time. Currently, electron neutrinos and muons are detected in this way, and the global community of scientists interested in studying them receives regular alerts about recording such signals.

Ice Cube recorded signals from tau neutrinos

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