Do you work in shifts?  In addition to your salary, you also develop sleep disorders

A team of researchers from the Netherlands and Belgium collected work and sleep data from 37,662 people, and divided them into groups based on their day and night work schedules. in Screening tests looked at six common categories of sleep disorders: Insomnia, hypersomnia (excessive daytime sleepiness), parasomnia (abnormal movements or dreams), sleep-related breathing disorders, sleep-related movement disorders and circadian rhythm disorders during sleep. as it turned out, More than half of people who regularly work night shifts suffer from some type of sleep disorder, such as insomnia.

What's more, More than a quarter of night shift workers, or 26%. Participants reported at least two sleep disorders. During the study, taking all work schedules into account, the number of people with at least one sleep disorder was about 1 in 3. The team also tabulated the results based on certain demographic factors, for example, sleep disorders were more common when Women, although men, slept shorter, and younger participants (age 30 or younger) more often had sleep disturbances, even though their sleep duration was shorter.

Interestingly, education seems to be important here as well, because, among other things,Less educated people are especially vulnerable when it comes to sleep disorders And alertness associated with sleep disorders. According to the researchers, the effect of shift work on sleep is more pronounced in young people with low education.

It is worth noting that although the study relies on the participants' self-evaluation, so it is difficult to make any judgments based on it, the statistics seem inevitable. At the same time, working irregular hours, especially at night, It has already been linked to many health problems, including diabetes, cancer, and depression.

The scientists behind the study are well aware of how dependent modern society is on night work, which is why they are appealing to employers They paid more attention to the impact of this work on health It provided its employees with tools and tips to deal with it better.


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