A high-level institution in liquidation.  The minister revealed

Since the beginning of Donald Tusk's government, changes have been announced in the work of institutes and institutions under the Ministry of Science. Prime Minister Tusk, after the government meeting on Wednesday, obligated the ministers to prepare a complete list of the boards of institutions that will be liquidated before the end of January.

GovTech Center is in liquidation

During a conversation at the PAP Studio on Thursday, Minister Wieczorek made this clear The Ministry of Science decided to liquidate the cultural institutions affiliated with its ministry. – According to the law, a cultural institution may be liquidated for a period of six months. This would also be a good time to check all these activities and perhaps to merge these institutions with other institutes. The minister explained that we have time for that.

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This is the GovTech Center and the Renaissance and Baroque Research Institute. – We are also studying the issue of the Copernicus Academy, because we have the impression that it is a repetition of the activities of the Polish Academy of Sciences – added Wieczorek. – We act quickly and effectively, and every month means additional costs, which is why we decided to liquidate it immediately in December – the Minister emphasized.

When asked whether GovTech and the Renaissance and Baroque Research Institute would be liquidated, Wieczorek replied: – They are in liquidation at the moment. However, I directed the directors of these institutions not to bear any financial obligations until the final decision is taken.

The Minister also added that the audit of the activities of the Government Technology Center is ongoing. – This is an institution that was supposed to deal with digitization and computerization. We currently control this institution. We have reports that this organization bought for the first time a 500-meter building in the center of Warsaw. The ministry funded it, but there are no documents. The minister said they are definitely there somewhere and we will get there safely.

The GovTech Center was created as a result of the evolution of the GovTech Polska program that has been in existence since 2018. The main goal announced by Noisy Law and Justice Party The program aims to increase the effectiveness of the implementation of innovations by the public sector through dialogue with society, the private sector and abroad.

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