I watched the new “Quack”.  This is not a story about the professor.  Wolf dog [RECENZJA]

  • “The Quack” by Jerzy Hoffmann was a safe haven for me. So, when Netflix appeared on the horizon and announced that it was working on a new movie called “Quack,” I was concerned
  • First I had to deal with the new actors. I had the biggest problem with Maria Kowalska, who played Maria Wilczor
  • Netflix’s “Quack” allowed me to take a broader look at Professor Wilczor’s story. And above all, breathe life into the women who appear there
  • Netflix has created its own imposter, and it brings a lot of emotion — and not just sadness. The new charlatan knows how to love life, joke and enjoy it
  • The only thing missing was the line that always gave me chills
  • More current information can be found on the Onet home page

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