Prince Harry hid his talent?  Fans couldn't believe what they saw

From the moment that was in 2020 Prince Harry And the Meghan Markle They announced that they are withdrawing from British royal familyOnline relationships Sussex The rest of the family is very nervous. It was fully visible during the funeral ceremonies after death Queen Elizabeth II. A breakthrough that will show which direction Harry and Meghan will eventually go may be a documentary about their youngest son King Charles III and his wife. Already alone Nadir They left no doubt that the couple had finally decided to settle scores with the royal family. However, netizens drew attention to the photos shown there. On one of them, Prince Harry plays the guitar.

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Prince Harry hid his musical talent?

The trailer for ‘Harry and Meghan’ features never-before-seen photos of the couple, including moments from their wedding day, vacationing together in Botswana and the time Meghan was pregnant.

One of the images shown at the beginning of the trailer shows Harry holding a guitar and appearing to be playing it. Meghan Markle sits next to her, staring at her husband.

Image: Netflix

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

This prompted netizens to discuss why Prince Harry hid his musical talent for years.

– We read on Twitter.

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