He played the role of Pawlak from the movie “Sammy Sammy”.  Adam Bobeck reveals what's the hardest thing

It is impossible to imitate Wacław Kowalski, who played Kaźmierz Pawlak in three parts of the film “Themselves”. The actor has created a great character and that's it.

Adam Bobeck, who plays the young Pawlak in the new film, had a very difficult task. When he won the acting gig, he accepted the challenge and faced the legend.

Was Adam Bobek afraid to meet Pawlak, the film's hero?

– There was no fear, even though I knew deep down that we would be compared. But we had a great foundation, namely the script, which, like all parts, was written by Andrej Mularczyk – Adam Bobek tells us and admits that before filming, he watched each part of the film “Themselves” a dozen times or so.

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