I wasn't going to talk to him, I was just calling him

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Anti-war protests in Russia. Those who oppose the system face severe punishment

Andrzej Šiorin, Polish theater actor and director remained in Warsaw Asked on ZET Radio about what he’s going to say Vladimir PutinIf he had the opportunity to talk to him. He replied, “I wouldn’t talk to him at all, I was just calling him.”

The detective then said that he is a little perplexed put it in “It’s shaking the whole world and no one can do anything to it.” Syurin protested: – We can do much for him, but we do not have the courage: we are afraid that we will have one less house, one less car, that we will lose the election, and we will not be able to buy them flowers. We are afraid to live slower and get less. The military and economic power of Europe is incomparable with Russia.

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The list of artists banned in Russia appeared. The media does not play their own music

Andrzej Seweryn about shouting at the ceremony: “It was also an expression of respect for the language and the heroes.”

On March 20, TVN broadcast a live concert “With Ukraine”, during which he also performed Andrei Ciorin. The actor recited the poem “The Testament” by the Ukrainian poet Taras Shevchenko. At the end, Syorin shouted in Ukrainian “Ruskij wojennyj korabl, idi nach**”. This emblem has become one of the symbols of the war in Ukraine – Ukrainian Defenders Carrots The snakes in this way responded to the call of the Russians to surrender.

“I just surprised myself with this scream from the stage,” said Seoren. I often talk about the value of language, but it was also an expression of respect for language and heroes. Perhaps these were the last words of the defenders of Serpent Island. He added that many tragedies tear from us words that we do not use on a daily basis. This version was passed by the Ukrainian services for a long time. According to the latest reports, the defenders of the island were not killed, but captured.

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the actor He emphasized that he began reading from the date of the “testament” – December 25, 1845, and that he preceded the slogan vulgarly with the date of 2022. He explained that he wanted to emphasize the fact that “the Ukrainian people have been fighting freedom for hundreds of years.” “This battle continues, but the Ukrainians will win,” he added.

In the context of the value of language, the director of the Polsky Theater praised the speeches of the President of Ukraine Volodymyr ZelenskySaying that they are “a phenomenon in Date the scientist “.” I think his sermons have an impetus (…) that he will be heard. These sermons will go down in history. If his attitude does not change, then in 100 years the songs will sing about him – he said.

Maciej Jastrzębski - Polish radio reporter, on the right red square in MoscowA Polish radio correspondent in Moscow has returned to Poland

Andrzej Seweryn on Volodymyr Zelensky: “His speech will go down in history”

Stitched when asked if he feared it Russian He replied that the war would also affect Poland, and he replied: – What seemed inconceivable every month has become a fact that we observe every day. So anything is possible.

Młynarski “War is Never Far” in the new version [WIDEO]

– I, a regular actor, can’t guess how much war It will take longer. The indomitable Red Army was stopped, no matter what progress it made. Every day I listen to General Waldemar Skrzybczak with amazement, distrust, anxiety and sometimes exhilaration. I don’t know, I can’t answer the question of what could happen – said Andrzej Seweryn in an interview with Radio Zeit.

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