“Veteran”: Michael Mann plans to remake a South Korean film
Michael Mann isn’t slowing down. The “Fever” and “The Informant” creator is planning a remake of the 2015 South Korean thriller “Veteran” (Be-te-lang).

“Veteran”: the plot of the film

The original film tells the story of Detective Seo Do-cheol who tries to catch the criminal Jo Tae-oh. The problem is that after each crime, the antagonist is able to evade responsibility thanks to the money and influence of his rich family.

The remake of “Veteran” is currently in development. Mann has not yet decided whether he will direct the film or limit himself to the positions of producer and screenwriter.

Michael Mann: Latest plans

The director is now focusing all his attention on the long-announced “Fever” sequel. The film is based on the novel Mann wrote with Meg Gardiner. The book is a direct sequel and prequel to the classic 1995 original.

The director’s filmography ends with a biographical film “Ferrari”, Which will be shown in Polish cinemas on December 29. The film’s hero is the famous Enzo Ferrari (Adam Driver), a former rally driver who is going through the most difficult moment in his life. The company he has been building for 10 years with his beautiful wife, Laura (Penelope Cruz), is on the verge of bankruptcy. But this is not the end of the problems! The death of their son casts a tragic shadow over their previously happy family life. In this case, Enzo decides to put everything on one card and participate in one of the most difficult races in the world. A march covering more than 1,500 kilometers across Italy, known as the Mille Miglia. Winning is an opportunity to save the company, while losing means losing everything.

Ferrari movie trailer

“I have some comments” – We are talking about the movie “Fever”

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